What is benefit of running a price comparison website?
In price comparison website, you (site owner) make money either by affiliate commission that is by referring visitor to the merchant website or by charging merchants subscription fees for listing their products or by per clickthrough.

Our Price Comparison Script runs as a plugin on WordPress. We also offer themes that work with the plugin.

Unlimited Data Entry

You can add unlimited categories, products, merchants and prices into the system. The only threshold is your server performance and mysql database performance. The better your server configuration and performance is, the more data entities you can have in the system. There is no restriction from the script whatsoever!

Responsive Website

Since the launch of version 8, we are now offering responsive web design support in the script. Responsive Web Design is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Besides responsive websites, we also offer mobile phone apps for iPhone and Android.

Administration Panel

Use the Price Comparison menu in the Wordpress admin to manage all the aspects of the website. You do not need knowledge of programming. You can create and edit categories, products, prices, merchants, images, datafeeds, category mapping and other features in the admin.

Several Free Attractive Themes

Price comparison script comes with free attractive, modern, beautifully designed themes. These themes are available for download for free to the clients. They are very easy to setup, just upload to the themes folder and activate. If you want to edit the themes files, it is also very easy to manage, all the themes are html based with embedded snippet and with knowledge of CSS and HTML can be easily customized.

Social Integration

The script has social networks integration for sharing pages. Some advanced features, like login via social networks, etc. are also planned for integration.

Datafeed Support

Price comparison script supports virtually every format of xml, csv, tab or other forms of text files.

Many more features

This page is just a tip of the iceberg. These are only some salient features to give you an idea of the software. If there is a feature that you are looking for and it is not mentioned on the website, please view the CONTACT US form. There are many many many features in the software. Plus there are customisations that we can do.